Blade Guardna Of Legends

aka Blade

  • I live in A place, inside a state on the world
  • I was born on September 25
  • My occupation is But what is a job!?
  • I am totally confused as to why I'm here.
  • Blade Guardna Of Legends

    It appears as though no one has edited on this wiki for a while. Has the wiki gone completely down the drain? But there are so many users here! And I saw that Katherin Peirce's profile was blank. Was it vandalism? Mmm... Maybe it's not my place to ask, but have there been fights on this wiki? Because lately, it seems there's been a lotta bad stuff's been floating around here. And I'm banned from chat! Something's up, alright.

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  • Blade Guardna Of Legends

    How come everyone hates lil' ol' me?

    I came into chat and was instantly banned because I was friends with Bree and i guess since I'm her friend, they totally hate my guts or some shizz. Now, I'm so confused. What did I do that was so bad? And no one's talkin' to me about it. When I ask, I get no answer. So, would anyone mind telling me why you guys hate my face? I know I'm gonna be dogged for thia and all, but I guess it's worth it to drive to the truth. And if you guys who hate me do stumble across this blog, please do not hate me, for whatever reason you may. 

    But just because I'm not happy, doesn't mean I'm not Blade! Have a nice day and keep you're heads up! :)

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